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What is a Donor Phone?

A donor phone is a carrier branded phone that we use the internet settings out of to get internet on your flashed phone. Not all carrier branded phones can be used as donors so be sure to check which ones are usable before sending one

How long does it take to get my phone back if I mail it in?

We are located in Ft. Myers Florida so unless you live on the NW Coast it is two days to us by standard USPS mail - two days with us during the flash - two days back to you by standard USPS mail

We do offer the option to have your phone overnighted back to you for an extra $15.00. The shipping instructions will tell you to send this additional money with your phone. Most of our customers who are flashing to existing accounts choose this option

Do I need to set up an account first if I don't have one?

Although you can go to the carrier and set up the account beforehand we can do all that work for you and we don't charge any extra for it. In many cases having us set the account up will save you from having to buy a phone to activate as we simply set it up with the phone your flashing which the carriers won't allow the average person to do in their stores

What is the diffrence in the Full Flash and the Remote Flash?

The only difference is that the Full Flash is a mail in flash and the Remote Flash is done via your computer. The actual flash is the same

What is your address?

Our address is not listed on our website because if it were we would receive random phones from all over with no idea what to do with them or if any payment was made for our service (We learned this the hard way). Once you purchases the service you will receive an email (Usually within ten minutes) with instructions on how and where to ship your phone along with what information we need you to send us to program your phone

Do I have to have a PayPal Account?

No you certainly do not need a PayPal account to purchases our service! You can use PayPal as a guest and the option will be available when you click on the Buy it Now button. As a PayPal guest you can simply use your Credit or Debit card to make the purchases

Can I pay with Cash or Money Order?

Absolutely! If you email us and request our address so that you can send in your phone and pay via Cash or Money Order we will email you back with our information sheet so you can fill it out and mail in your phone

How can I be sure this isn't a SCAM!

We have been in business flashing phones for almost seven years! That's about as long as "Flashing" in its current format has been around. We have several store locations and are a registered Florida Corporation. We pay taxes and can be sued. That being said we have never been sued and have only had two BBB Complaints filed against us both being dismissed by the BBB!

Our customers have spoken! Although only a small percentage of our customers take the time to leave us feedback (We appreciate all who have!) you can view the positive feedback left for us via our website and our YouTube videos! If you go to You Tube simply search flashedphones and click on any of our videos then scroll through the comments under them. We have feedback from hundreds of customers who mailed us their phones and got them back with the great service we provide!

I have seen a Rip-Off Report for Flashedphones!

We have seen them as well and while two of them are absolutly our fault you can see

that the customers were taken care of in the end. The others are mearly compeditors

dragging our name in the mud becasue unlike most flashers who change their name every three months we have never changed our name in seven years!

If you search as hard as you can you will find six negative reviews of our services. If you search you will find thousands of positive reviews! We have over 20 thousand customers in seven years so although we are sorry for the six customers who had less then positive experances we stand on our record of about 1 dissapointed customer per year as being by far the best in the telacomm industry!

If you doubt that notice that at the corporate AT&T stores the "Technical" department (Which is code for where you go when your phone dosent work) is in a sepreate room from the main store and its always packed!

This is the same for all major carriers. You may say, "Well they have a lot more customers then you do!" You would be right but they OWN the network and they can't seem to get it right for almost 10% of their customers.

We consider the fact that we have NO Control over the network and yet maintain less then 1% error the best testamonal anyone could ever give us!


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